Annual Meetings


RTEC Workshops are held in conjunction with the
Society for Range Management Annual Meetings

Upcoming RTEC Events:

            2014 RTEC Workshop, February 2014, Orlando, FL
                        Strategies and Treatments to Maintain or Restore
                                Longleaf Pine Forests

Other Upcoming Meetings:

             5th National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (NCER)
                        Greater Chicago, IL            July 29- August 2, 2013

             Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting
                       Minneapolis, MN            August 4- 9, 2013

             22nd International Grassland Congress
                        Sydney, Australia            September 15- 19, 2013

Past RTEC Meetings:
2013 RTEC Workshop, Oklahoma City, OK (presentations)
                       Preparing for the Next Big Wildfire Season:
                                Managing Fuels to Reduce Fire Risk

          2012 RTEC Workshop, Spokane, WA (abstracts and presentations)
                        Sagebrush Re-establishment Practices

             2011 RTEC Workshop, Billings, MT (abstracts and presentations)
                        Crested Wheatgrass Diversification

             2010 RTEC Workshop, Denver, CO (abstracts and presentations)
                        Green Technology and Equipment for Rangeland Applications

             2009 RTEC Workshop, Albuquerque, NM (abstracts and presentations)
                        Integrating GPS and GIS Technology to Improve Land Treatments

             2008 RTEC Workshop, Louisville, KY (abstracts)
                        Equipment for Upland Habitat Restoration

             2007 RTEC Workshop, Reno/Sparks, NV (abstracts)
                        Equipment and Strategies to Reduce Pinyon Pine and
                        Juniper in the Intermountain West

             2006 RTEC Workshop, Vancouver, British Columbia (abstracts)
                       Seeding Equipment and Native Plant Materials in Canada
                        and the U.S. - New Approaches and Products

             2005 RTEC Workshop, Fort Worth, TX (abstracts)
                        Equipment and Techniques for New Paradigms in
                        Brush Management

             2004 RTEC Workshop, Salt Lake City, UT (abstracts)
                        Equipment for Upland Habitat Restoration

             2003 RTEC Workshop, Casper, WY (abstracts)
                       Seed Source Selection for Ecological Restoration     

             2002 RTEC Workshop, Kansas City, MO (abstracts)
                        Seed Production and Propagation of Native Plants


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