Equipment for Upland Habitat Restoration 

Workshop Hosted by the Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC)

Society For Range Management
61st Annual Meeting
(Louisville, KY)

2008 RTEC meeting in Louisville, KY

Sunday, January 27, 2008
 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM 
The Galt House

Steve Clubine and Stevie Collins, Organizers


1:30   Roadsides for Wildlife and Stormwater Retention: Equipment Requirements to Deliver Both
          Programs that Avoid Detours 
          Dwayne Stenlund, Minnesota Department of Transportation, Roseville, MN

1:55   Hydro-axe and Chemicals Prior to Planting Natives [abstract]
          Dr. Zach Lowe, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

2:20   Ropewick vs. Canopy Spraying for Controlling Woody Encroachment of Grassland Quail Habitat
          Steve Clubine, Sherry Leis, Len Gilmore, MO Department of Conservation
, Jefferson City, MO

2:45   Equipment for Restoring Early Successional Habitat
          Mike Melroe, Bobcat Corporation, Gwinner, ND


3:10   BREAK

3:25   Equipment and Methods for Establishing and Maintaining Diverse Native and Forb Habitat:
          Extending the Planting Season and Targeting Maintenance
          Matt O'Connor, Habitat Forever LLC, A Pheasants Forever Company, Hopkins, IA

3:50   Equipment and Methods for Restoring Sagegrouse Habitat [abstract]
          Mike Gregg,
USF&WS, Richland, WA

4:15   Hack & Squirt vs. Basil-Bark for Controlling Woody Encroachment of Grassland Quail Habitat [abstract]
          Steve Clubine
, MO Department of Conservation, Jefferson City, MO
4:45   RTEC Annual Business Meeting

5:00   Adjourn


For more information regarding RTEC or this workshop, contact:

              Steve Clubine or Stevie Collins




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