Equipment and Techniques for New Paradigms in Brush Management  

Workshop Hosted by the Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC)

Society for Range Management
58th Annual Meeting
(Fort Worth, TX)

2005 RTEC meeting in Fort Worth, TX

Sunday, February 6, 2005
 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
Fort Worth Convention Center


Harold Wiedemann, Organizer


1:15   Introduction

1:20   Past, Present and Future in Brush Management: A New Book
          Wayne Hamilton, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX

1:40   Brush Sculptors: A New Paradigm for Brush Managment on Texas Rangelands
          Dale Rollins,
Allan McGinty and Jason Brooks, Texas Cooperative Extension, San Angelo, TX

2:00   King Ranch's New Paradigm in Brush Management [abstract]
          Verl Cash, King Ranch, Inc., Kingsville, TX


2:20   Implementing Change: The Brush Contractor's Viewpoint [abstract]
          Mike Gibbs, Land Enhancement Services, and Rawhide Cattle Co., Uvalde, TX


2:40   Long-term Effects of Pinyon-Juniper Treatments to Restore Sagebrush Communities [abstract]
Stephen Monsen1, Robert Welch2 and Pamela Motley2, 1USDA-Forest Service, Mapleton, UT;
          2USDI-BLM, Montrose, CO

3:00   BREAK

3:20   Brush Busters: A Common Sense Approach for Brush Management [abstract]
Allan McGinty1 and Darrell Ueckert2, 1Texas Cooperative Extension, San Angelo, TX;
Texas Agriculture Experiment Station, San Angelo, TX
3:40   Restoration of Hydrologically Dysfunctional Rangelands [abstract]
          Darrell Ueckert, Texas Agriculture Experiment Station, San Angelo, TX


4:00   Precision Aerial Spraying of Saltcedar [abstract]
          Charles Hart, Texas Cooperative Extension, Fort Stockton, TX


4:20   Revegetation Equipment Catalog Progess [abstract]
Harold Wiedemann1, Nancy Shaw2, Mike Pellant3 and Steve Monsen4
1Texas A & M University, College Station, TX; 2USDA-Forest Service, Rocky
           Mountain Research Station, Boise, ID
; 3USDI-BLM Idaho State Office, Boise, ID;
4USDA-Forest Service, Mapleton, UT

4:40   RTEC Business Meeting
          Mike Pellant, USDI-BLM Idaho State Office, Boise, ID


For more information regarding RTEC or this workshop, contact:

             Nancy Shaw or Mike Pellant




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