Seed Production and Propagation
of Native Plants  

Workshop Hosted by the Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC)

Society for Range Management
55th Annual Meeting
(Kansas City, MO)

2002 RTEC meeting in Kansas City, MO

Sunday, February 17, 2002
 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Downtown Marriott and Muehlebach Tower


8:00   Rangeland Technology and Equipment Council (RTEC) - Past, Present and Future [abstract]
 Scott Lambert1 and Mike Pellant2, 1USDA NRCS, WSU, Pullman, WA; 2USDI Bureau of Land
Management, Boise, ID

8:15   Seed Propagation of Native Shrubs [abstract]
          D.T. Booth, USDA-ARS High Plains Grassland Research Station, Cheyenne, WY

8:30   Moving From the Use of Introduced to Native Plants on Western Public Lands [abstract]
 Mike Pellant, USDI Bureau of Land Management, Boise, ID

8:45   Native Seed Collection from Natural Sources
 Rick Dunn, Wind River Seed, WY

9:00   Seed Production of Native Prairie Plants from a Seed Grower's Perspective
          Rodd Fritz, Stock Seed, Murdock, NE


9:15   Native Plant Propagation for National Parks [abstract]
Russell J. Haas, USDA NRCS / NPS, Denver CO

9:30   Development of Native Plants for Restoration of the Great Basin [abstract]
 Stephen B. Monsen and Nancy L. Shaw, USDA Forest Service, Shrub Sciences Laboratory,
          Provo, UT and Forestry Sciences Laboratory, Boise, ID


9:45   Specialized Equipment for Seeding Native Plants
Larry Pollard, Truax Equipment, Minneapolis, MN
10:00   BREAK

10:15   Propagation of Native Rangeland Seed in Australia
            Cathy Waters, NSW, Australia

10:30   Wildland Collection of Native Seed for Agronomic Production [abstract]
            Susan R. Winslow , USDA-NRCS Bridger Plant Materials Center, Bridger, MT

10:45   Native Legumes for Conservation [abstract]
            Rich Wynia, USDA Plant Materials Center, Manhattan, KS


11:00   Speakers Panel and Discussion


11:30   RTEC Business Meeting


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